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Scale your business with our Assistant Services powered by Artificial Intelligence

At QuébecWebPlus, we are redefining the way businesses approach operational efficiency with our revolutionary virtual assistant services. Our cutting-edge technology powered by artificial intelligence goes beyond expectations, delivering an assistance experience that radically transforms productivity.

For self-taught people, we suggest among the following Online Artificial Intelligence Softwares:


Textcortex homepage
Alternative to multiple AI models (Chatsonic, Jasper, PromptBase, PromptHero, AIPRM, ChatPDF, Claude 3, ChatDOC, Anyword, Wordtune, QuillBot, openai Chat GPT, Writesonic, Notion AI, Bing AI, Google Bard and Perplexity AI), it’s the most advanced A I platform to meet personalized content needs.

It is recognized as one of the top 200 generative AI companies in Europe by the European Commission and DT2 Invest.

They have a Google Chrome extension, a mobile app, a desktop app, and an API.

In English and several other languages, you choose it by registering.

Wordai homepage
Word AI
Rewrite Articles, Avoid AI Detection, Saved Articles and Bulk Rewrite.

They have an API and the software is in English.

Context Minds homepage
Context Mind
An AI-assisted tool to mentally map SEO content ideas (10% with coupon CMBF10)

In English.

BlueGPT homepage
Blue GPT
The AI tool to access GPT-4, Claude, Mistral, Gemini IN THE SAME PLACE

In English.

Bertha homepage
One of the hardest things to create is the right content for a website, presentation or speaker sheet. Bertha is perfect for these tasks and is always there in WordPress or the awesome Chrome Extension.

In English.


Stylar homepage
All-in-one online drawing platform. Photo filter, combine images, generative fill and edit, remove objects, remove background, text effects and logo maker, image generator, enlarger, …

In English.

Aragon homepage
Aragon revolutionizes common selfies with sophisticated AI-generated portraits.

In English and several other languages.

Photoai homepage
Photo AI
Create stunning camera-free photos from your existing photos

In English.

Deep Art Effects
“ART10” Coupon gives a discount of 10 %.

Translated in 14 Languages.


Speakai homepage
Speak AI
Speech to text, translation

In English.

Lalal homepage
Lalal AI
Extract vocals, accompaniment and various instruments from any audio and video.

In English and several other languages.


Synthesia homepage
Create studio-quality videos with AI avatars and voices in over 130 languages. It’s as easy as creating a slideshow.

In English.

Zebracat homepage

Zebracat is a new type of video creation platform that turns a single prompt, script or blog post to high-impact marketing videos in no time. No skills needed.

In many languages.

Klap homepage
The tool for generating viral videos, Opus Clip is a generative AI video tool that turns long videos into short films in just a few clicks.

In English.

Opus homepage
Opus Clip
Another tool for generating viral videos, they have a free plan.

in English


gestion avis homepage
"GoAvis" Online Review Management Software
Online software for managing and promotion of new customer reviews.

22 languages.
Army homepage
AI Agents Army Bundle
All in one, see specifications in the image.
Create Websites, Videos, Voice Overs, Art-Images, Social Post, Ads Copies, Emails, Content, Blogs, Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Idea Generator, Lead Generator, Marketing Planner, Daily To-Do List, Scheduler, Marketing Assistants & More…

In English.

Simplified homepage
All in one Creation (text, images and videos), Social Media Management and Collaboration.

Simplifiy is a design and collaboration platform for modern marketing teams. Now it’s possible to make fast and on-brand content across all the channels without having to manually edit after uploading the assets; Simplifiy does it all for you! This way you minimalize hassle while giving marketers back hours of time they would have otherwise spent posting or editing media in various tools across their agencies.

In English.

Recurring homepage
Recurring AI
With our proprietary Recurrent AI model, you will learn to master this untapped market

In English.

Meet Cody homepage
Meet Cody
A smart assistant like ChatGPT – with the added benefit of being able to train it to your business, your team, your processes and your customers with your own knowledge base. Use Cody as an employee to support your team, answer questions, help with creative work, resolve problems, and brainstorm ideas. They have an excellent blog including an article on annuaires IA.

They have an API. The website is in several languages, but the platform is in English only.

kreapro homepage
Accelerate your Instagram account

In French.

Monkey Digital homepage
Monkey Digital
Professionnal SEO Services

We make business with them for our SEO needs.

In English.

Hosting homepage
Web Hosting USA
VPS and Shared Web Hosting starting at $2.99 USD for shared one and $19.95 USD for a VPS (per month).

Our Services

  • Objects created by artificial intelligence: text, images, sound and videos ( we use many Artificial Intelligences ).
  • Creation and improvement of websites : WordPress, PHP, SEO.
  • Management of advertising placements : Google Ads, Social Media.

In the Internet field since 1994, QuébecWebPlus is a sort of jack of all trades on the Web.

AI Examples of Image and Animation

“Lost in the mazes of the automotive world”

boy scared cars
girl scared cars
boy scared cars 2
boy eyes road

Version 2

boy 3 cars
boy equipment cars
boy street 4
boy truck

Version 3

boy junk
boy highway 2
boy highway
girl street

Version 4 and last

earth street
think car


“I juggle on it”

artificial intelligence juggle 12
artificial intelligence juggle 11
artificial intelligence juggle 10

Version 2

artificial intelligence juggle 2
artificial intelligence juggle 3
artificial intelligence juggle 4
artificial intelligence juggle 5

Using a More Realistic Online Software

artificial intelligence juggle 7
artificial intelligence juggle 8
artificial intelligence juggle 1


Why Quebecwebplus

1. Technological innovation

The company is at the forefront of technological innovation. I use the latest advances in artificial intelligence to provide intelligent and scalable solutions.

2. Advanced Customization

Every business is unique. We adapt to your specific processes, offering personalized assistance that optimizes your operations.

3. Productivity gain

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to increase your business productivity. We manage repetitive tasks, freeing your teams to focus on higher value-added activities.

We are intermediaries between you and Artificial Intelligence

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With nearly 30 years of experience in the business world, discover how QuébecWebPlus can revolutionize your business with virtual assistant services powered by artificial intelligence. Contact us today for a consultation and find out how we can tailor our solutions to your specific needs.