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I think I have a solution to the thorny COVID-19 pandemic.

Using the same principle of resonance frequency as a microwave oven, we create a human-sized electromagnetic or ultrasonic wave transmitter.

Instead of using the resonance frequency which wanders water molecules (2.450 MHz) and heats them, one uses one which wanders and ends up destroying the stems or the weights at the ends of the stems of the coronavirus according to the pendulum formula :

formule pendule simple image pendule simple

It would look like machines to destroy stones at liver, we could also use magnetic fields or sound waves (ultrasound),
there are tests to be done. Each object has its own or natural vibration frequency. A periodic force which acts at the same frequency as the natural frequency of vibration of an object can make it vibrate. This is called mechanical resonance. … Harmonics are multiples of the fundamental frequency (f, 2f, 3f, 4f,…).

Assuming a 4 nanometer stem, the harmonic frequency of the stems is around 7.88178 KHz (pendulum formula). This resonance frequency obeys the law of resonance:

Resonance d'un système oscillant

» Resonance is a phenomenon according to which certain physical systems (electrical, mechanical, etc.) are sensitive to certain frequencies. A resonant system can accumulate energy, if it is applied in periodic form, and close to a frequency called resonance frequency. Subject to such an excitation, the system will be the seat of more and more important oscillations, until reaching a steady state which depends on the dissipative elements of the system, or until a rupture of a component of the system. »


If we attack the stems, and weights at the ends of the stems, via 2 wave fronts in X and Y, we assist at a turning movement of the weights at the ends of the stems which would accelerate the breaking or the expulsion of the weights at the ends of the stems.

If the stems of the COVID-19 are not free to move, they still have a resonance frequency of vibration which it suffices to exploit.

It’s mechanical physics and applied wave physics.

I’m looking for funding of $ 5,000 CAD to create demos to show the scientific community that it is possible and start a research movement to solve the COVID-19 problem (My gofundme fundraising campaign).

If the Tacoma bridge was destroyed with an harmonic resonance, I do not see why one would not come to end from the stems of this coronavirus by using the harmonic resonance waves.

If the story of the Jericho Wall is true, it is most likely that sound waves have been used.